Ellison Moschella & Co has a wealth of experience and technical skill in insolvency and debt recovery matters.

It sounds simple but we find time and time again it's those clients who take a proactive approach to their credit management who collect more debts than those who don't. An integral part of credit management is making sure that credit recovery tools are in place before debts go bad. Those tools include the establishment of proper credit terms and supporting securities (if necessary) from the start of your relationship with your customers.

Can typical problems of debt collection be avoided by having proper credit management tools in place?


A properly drafted credit contract will help ensure that you recover your debts with a minimum of fuss, expense and delay. Typical and often avoidable problems include:

  • complications with service of court proceedings on the debtor,
  • being placed amongst the pack of all your customer's other unsecured creditors,
  • not being able to prove the amount owing,
  • court jurisdiction issues,
  • having to pay back to your customer's liquidator monies received from your customer and
  • being unable to recover goods not paid for.

red-business-graphCan I be placed at the front of the queue of my customer's creditors? 

When things go bad it is normal for your customers to owe money to businesses other than just yours. Where there are limited funds in your customer's possession ideally you would like to have priority over those other businesses without having to worry about your customer's liquidators or trustees in 6 months' time.

Sound too good to be true? It really isn't. Our methods are simple and have stood the test of time.

If you act now, before debts become a problem, Ellison Moschella & Co can help you do this as we have done with many of our clients.

Our credit management services include the establishment of proper credit terms and accounts which can literally save you thousands.

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