Intellectual Property and Software Development

Intellectual Property

Every business has intellectual property. It could be as simple as your client lists or it could be your business processes, brands and designs. If you are running a business it's likely you have more intellectual property than you realise. Like any other asset intellectual property is owned and can be licensed or transferred.

If your business relies on its intellectual property you should take steps to protect that property. Some forms of IP require registration to protect whilst others don't. Even though they aren't registered however doesn't mean they can't be protected or put to good use.

We have great experience at helping our clients protect and obtain a return from their intellectual property ranging from copyright and trademarks issues right through to software development. Our services include:

  • Advice on registration of business and domain names
  • confidentiality agreements
  • licensing agreements
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights
  • Defending IP related claims
  • advising on clauses required to protect confidential information in employment contracts


Software Development

Are you a software developer or contractor?

Do you need software or a website developed for your business?

Do you believe someone has copied your software?

Do you have employees developing your in-house software?

Do you employ software developers?


If so we can help.


Having done software development themselves our software development lawyers have a keen interest and understanding of the issues which can arise with professional software development. We speak your language and share your passion. We are able to help you with:

  • Software developments agreements
  • Software licence agreements including End User and Site Licences
  • Protecting you against liability arising from use of your software
  • Enforcement of your software rights
  • Defending software related claims
  • Contract negotiations for the sale of software rights.
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Royalty Agreements
  • software contractor and software designer employment agreements
  • Website development agreements