Buying and Selling your Business

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Business Purchases and Sales

There are many pitfalls associated with setting up, changing or selling your business.

Will you be liable for government duty? Do you have all of the required licences and approvals? Are you complying with all of the reporting and legal requirements? Are you exposed to unnecessary risk? What requirements are there to transfer your lease? Do you have any supply or equipment related agreements which must be assigned or terminated before the sale? What taxes apply? How will you deal with staff? Are you owed money from customers? Will you be able to transfer the business name?

If you need help to:

  • set up your new business;
  • purchase a new business or sell your business;
  • expand or wind down your business;
  • change your business structures;
  • avoid problems when dealing with staff;
  • ensure you have the best terms and conditions in place for dealing with your customers

then call us to help you through these stages with the least amount of fuss and expense.

Our services and experience include:

  • Asset protection structuring advice;
  • Business Structures advice;
  • Leasing Advice;
  • Shareholders agreements;
  • Partnership agreements;
  • Joint Venture agreements;
  • Property Acquisitions and Sales;
  • Business Sale contracts;
  • Franchising Advice;
  • Legal Compliance and Registration;
  • Liquor Licensing;
  • Intellectual property protection;
  • Preparation of Credit Applications and Terms of and Conditions of Sale / Trade for dealing with your customers;
  • Collection of debtors from your customers;
  • Corporate Governance and Advisory issues;
  • Employment Law advice.