Judicial Review of Government Decisions


Are you unhappy with an administrative decision made by a state government agency or local government authority? 

If you are you may be able to apply to the Queensland Supreme Court for a judicial review.

It is possible to seek a review of any question of law involved in making the decision and for the reform of procedures used if contrary to common law.

You are able to seek a review of decisions:

  • made by an officer or employee of a Queensland Government agency or local government authority or
  • of an administrative nature required, proposed or made under pursuant to legislation.
  • If your interests are (or will be) adversely affected by an administrative decision, you can:
  • request a statement of reasons explaining a decision and
  • apply to the Supreme Court for a review of a decision if you are not satisfied with the statement of reasons for that decision.

Normally, you would first request for a statement of reasons and then if you are still not satisfied, you can apply to the Supreme Court for a statutory order of review. The court’s review covers the decision or lack of a decision and the decision-making process.

Time limits apply however so if you are in this position call us now to investigate further.