Advanced Health Directives

An Advanced Health Directive is a document by which you give instructions to certain people concerning your future health care.



Having the directive in place will mean your doctors can follow your wishes and directions contained in the directive in circumstances where you don't have the capacity to provide those instructions. Most people don't tend to have an advanced health directive in place unless they know they are going to hospital or have strong beliefs about their treatment. Perhaps most people simply don't about them however they can be a useful tool for your treatment and will hopefully reduce the stress and burden on your family at the time.


An advanced Health Directive only comes into effect if you are unable to make your own decisions. Specifically it has the advantage of allowing you to give directions concerning ongoing life support and treatment where there are terminal incurable or irreversible illnesses.


What is the process?

Creating an Advanced Health Directive is a two step process. Firstly you must use a prescribed form and see a doctor to  the various treatments and options explained to you. Once they have done that they will sign a certificate contained within the document confirming they have provided you with the advice. After that your signatures are witnessed will need to be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, Commission of Declarations or Solicitor which we can help you with.