We have been helping clients produce their Wills for over 90 years. For those with straight-forward family structures and simple financial arrangements we can assist you to prepare your Will, often in conjunction with an Enduring Power of Attorney, for a quoted price. A properly drafted Will helps ensure  your wishes are carried out and that your loved ones are properly looked after in the future.


Why Prepare a Will?

Preparing a Will is an important part of proper estate planning. Having a properly prepared Will, will spare your family  added turmoil and expense upon your death. Dying without a Will leaves your estate "intestate". In this case your estate will be distributed in accordance with legislation which may lead to unforeseen consequences. (e.g. Did you know if you die leaving a spouse and children that your spouse may not receive your entire estate?)

An administrator will also need to be appointed by the court to allow an intestate estate to be administered causing more expense and delay for your family and beneficiaries.

We can help you prepare a Will quickly and economically which will give you peace of mind and in the end save your estate from unnecessary expense and delay.


Complex Wills

If you have a more complex family structure or need to deal with business assets it is more than likely that a simple Will won't be enough to properly plan your affairs. If this is the case then you will need to have a Will prepared to take these things into account.

Examples of this include:

  • Providing for children of previous relationship whilst still making provision for a new spouse;
  • Children or dependents who have addictions;
  • Children or dependents who have professional risk and/or financial problems;
  • Providing for dependents who have health or disability issues;
  • Where your child's marriage may be weak or likely to end in separation and divorce and
  • Where you control businesses, family trusts and or superannuation funds.


You should consider detailed estate planning where your estate is likely to be large, you have interests involved in private companies or trusts, or where there are tax implications with your estate or with your beneficiaries.