Independent Administrations

If you have an estate or trust which requires an independent administrator or trustee we have extensive experience acting in those positions.

If there is a dispute between the beneficiaries and/or the trustees or where a trustee has a conflict of interest having an independent administrator will give you peace of mind knowing the estate or trust will be properly administered without bias or favour.

 Examples of where it is prudent to have an independent administrator:

  • No available trustee / administrator available within your family;
  • Where the appointed trustees have a bias or conflict of interest;
  • Where an estate has not been properly or diligently administered by the trustee;
  • Where the trustees cannot agree on the course to be taken; and
  • Where there are claims against the estate from different parties which typically occurs when someone makes a family provision claim seeking a greater share of an estate.

 What will it cost?

For these matters we charge the scale of fees set by the Supreme Court of Queensland  assessed by in independent costs  on an indemnity basis.