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Selling Your Property

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

For most people, buying or selling a house will be one of the most significant financial decisions they make during their lifetime. Our job is to make sure that decision doesn’t become a nightmare. Some people will try to do their own conveyancing or use cut price conveyancing services but in the end you get what you pay for.

What can go wrong?

With the average price of homes in Queensland approaching $500,000.00 conveyancing contracts shouldn’t be treated lightly. There are many problems which can arise with property contracts. Some examples for a seller include:

  • Contracts being prepared incorrectly;

  • Will you still be liable for agent’s commission even if the sale isn’t completed?

  • What will happen if the property is damaged prior to settlement?

  • Incorrectly aligned buildings and fences on boundaries;

  • Breaches of building covenants;

  • What if the buyer defaults? Will you be protected and will you have rights against the buyer?

  • What happens if, for some reason, you, your conveyancer or your bank aren’t ready to settle on the due date?

Don’t fool yourself problems in conveyancing happen every day. State-wide conveyancing matters are the source of more complaints and law claims than just about any other type of matter.

How we do it?

Everything we do at Ellison Moschella & Co is committed to protecting and helping our clients.

We only have qualified solicitors acting on matters so you can rest assured the person handling your sale or purchase has the skills and maturity to understand the theory behind the process you are embarking on and isn’t simply ticking boxes as fast as they can in accordance with some automated process.

Other firms may say they have solicitors who deal with problems once they occur however some mistakes in conveyancing simply can’t be fixed. With our approach problems are prevented before they occur. Referring your matter to a solicitor after a problem has occurred is like calling the fire brigade after the house has burnt down.

The property law team at Ellison Moschella & Co Solicitors has wide and extensive experience in property law including residential conveyancing, commercial acquisitions and sales, leasing, land resumptions, and property development.

If you want to be protected and experience less stress for your conveyancing matter then contact us now to secure our services.

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