Our hourly fees excluding GST are as follows:

  •  Partner $430

  •  Associate $395

  •  Solicitor $305

  •  Paralegal $195

  •  Support Staff $125

Our solicitors and staff have excellent experience and skill. If you are paying more you have to ask yourself why?

We guarantee our fees. If you aren’t satisfied with our fees  we guarantee we will explain our calculation of fees in detail. If for whatever reason you still aren’t satisfied we will be happy to have our fees assessed by an independent costs assessor to objectively determine a fair fee and if that amount is less than what we have charged we will refund the difference.


Items / scale fees are calculated by referring to certain tasks or events occurring. (e.g. So much for a letter regardless of the length of time it takes for us to prepare.) We adopt the Supreme Court Scale of fees for this method.


Wills and Powers of Attorney

  1. Standard Will $475 (single) $799 (spouses)

  2. Standard Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) $239 (single) $299 (spouses)

  3. Standard Will and EPA $599 (single) $899 (spouses)

  4. Standard Testamentary Trust Will $1,450 (single) $1,850 (spouses)

  5. Advanced Health Directive $239 (single) $299 (spouses)


  1.  Titles Office Record of Death $450

  2.  Titles Office Transmission to Executors with Probate $660

  3.  Titles Office Transmission to Executors without Probate standard $750

  4.  Titles Office Transmission to beneficiaries standard $850


  1.  Standard Purchase of a house in Qld less than $1million $950

  2.  Standard Purchase of a unit in Qld less than $1million $1,250

  3.  Standard Purchase of unit or house between $1million and $2million $1,500

  4.  Standard Sale of House less than $1million $595 

  5.  Mortgagee Dealing Fee $450

  6.  Standard Sale of Unit less than $1million $750

*Note: A Standard matter is one where the contract has already been signed before our involvement and progresses through to settlement without complications, delays or disputes and has no unusual or extraordinary aspects to the matter.


 Preparation of Standard Commercial Lease $1,500

 Preparation of Retail Shop Lease Disclosure Statement $350

 Preparation of Standard Retail Shop Lease $1,750

 Preparation of Deed of Assignment $660

 Preparation of Titles Office Surrender of  Lease $275

Success and Uplift Fees

Competitive Rates

If you find a better comparative fees published by another firm call us to compare to see if we can beat it by 10%.


  • The fees on this page are exclusive of GST, outlays and expenses incurred by the firm (such as court filing fees, searches and advertising).

  • The fees on this page are also subject to change from time to time.

  • We provide our clients with a client agreement and fee disclosure if we believe our fees will exceed $1,500.

  • The prices on this page are estimates only and should not be considered as a fixed price our quote.

  • If you are concerned by fees you have the right to refer the matter to the Legal Services Commission  which can assist you to investigate the matter.